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Journey of a financial adviser

The paperback and e-book, Now available
by Keith Churchouse


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About the book, Sign here, here and here!... Journey of a financial adviser

1985, manufacturing is on the decline and UK financial services has just started to unleash its commanding power over the economy for the next 25 years until the credit crunch bites. Sales of retail financial products and advice proliferate as banks, insurance companies and financial advisers scramble for market share.

Regulation and regulators along with advice models traverse an ever growing understanding of the effects of the financial sales advice and service that has gone before, mortgages and endowments being good examples. To a significant extent successful selling is what financial services, along with most other services and products, are about, as you will see.

This book details the journey of a financial adviser through UK retail financial sales over a quarter of a century, containing some humorous anecdotes of success, failure and middle management to aid understanding and improve prospects.

Starting from a bank clerk to running his own independent financial services company from a clean sheet, Keith Churchouse will visit many aspects of working for a financial services business leading to running his own successful business, including marketing, industry education, sales techniques, targeting and self belief in your own abilities to succeed in the current economy.




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